Tenstreet puts drivers in control of their own data

As technology catered to the transportation industry continues to evolve, players across the industry are becoming more aware of the importance of data security and transparency. After all, the last thing anyone wants is to be bombarded with unwanted  messages

Tenstreet has made a name for itself in the recruiting, retention, and safety spaces. The company’s suite of solutions is designed to solve a wide variety of industry ills. As a result, they also collect a myriad of data. This is especially true when it comes to the company’s intelligent application offering, which uses prepopulation technology so drivers can easily  apply at multiple carriers  without having to fill out multiple applications.

As evidenced in its data security policy, Tenstreet has been committed to keeping drivers’ data safe from the very beginning.

“We are acutely aware that carriers aren’t our only set of stakeholders – we also have significant responsibilities to drivers as well. If drivers weren’t comfortable trusting our platform with their personal data, they wouldn’t store it with us – and millions of drivers have chosen to store their data with us,” the policy reads. “That trust enables the pre-population of over 90% of experienced drivers’ applications, saving drivers hours of mindless data entry and carriers thousands of dollars in advertising costs.”

Recently, the company has made strides to give drivers even more control over their data, allowing them to opt out of communications from carriers they’ve applied to in the past. The Application Transparency feature also provides greater visibility into how and when a carrier received their information. For example, drivers often fill out multi-carrier lead forms without fully understanding where their application data is going. Now they have a way to see these carriers and indicate their interest level.

“Driver transparency is more important than ever,” Tenstreet Co-founder and CEO Tim Crawford said. “If a carrier has a list of people, they’re going to reach out to them. Some of the time, that is really welcome, but sometimes it can be a little disconcerting. We really wanted to put the driver in control.”

This new feature gives drivers better control over how carriers can contact them, and it prevents drivers and carriers alike from wasting their time engaging in dead-end recruiting conversations. By eliminating uninterested drivers from a carrier’s prospect list, companies are able to better allocate their time and energy toward potential future employees.

“If I don’t want to get a text message from you, I certainly don’t want to drive for you,” Crawford said. “The sooner you know that as a carrier – and the better I can signal that as a driver – just makes everybody’s life a little easier.”

Ultimately, Tenstreet’s goal is to create more friction-free, clear communication between drivers and carriers, creating a better environment for both parties.

“The drivers that are the happiest are at the right carrier for them,” Crawford said. “By giving drivers a way to send a clearer signal for carriers, carriers can use that recruiting time on the drivers who do want to come to work for you.”

Over 10,000 drivers have already adjusted their communication preferences. Other drivers can do so through the Tenstreet Driver Pulse mobile app.

Source: FreightWaves

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